What is GOSHI?

GOSHI is a physical exfoliant for your body, a simple yet incredibly effective improvement over other common products that are less effective and tend to harbor tons of bacteria (loofahs, scrub brushes and so on). GOSHI allows you to get the hard-to-reach and is simple to clean with just a rinse and hang-dry. The question is, are you ready to experience the wonderful benefits full-coverage body exfoliation?

Made in Japan

GOSHI is made in Gunma, Japan by some of the best textile producers in the country. We can proudly say our production team is one of the leading manufacturers in the region, truly talented and skilled individuals, beating out any and all competition even domestically. Even with some other products available here in the US, it was our goal to bring you a substantially better product that's been updated, refined, balanced and longer lasting. We assure you, it's an improvement to anything you might already be familiar with. :)

Why Use GOSHI?

Exfoliation is key. The practice of exfoliating is important, you're removing dirt, oil, dead skin and any other elements you may be around on a day-to-day basis. Think of it as a buff and polish for your body. It allows your pores to breath and your skin to be softer than you ever knew possible. In a lot of cases, GOSHI has even helped clear up skin conditions like back acne or keratosis pilaris. With regular use of GOSHI, you'll be the most hygienic version of yourself you could ever possibly be.

How do I use GOSHI?

1. Get in your shower and add water to your GOSHI

2. Add your favorite liquid body soap to GOSHI and work into a generous lather

3. Work GOSHI across your back and fold up the towel to finish the rest

4. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

Just that simple. :)