"Experience cleaner,
softer skin when you
wash your body
with goshi.”

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GOSHI set out to create a daily exfoliating shower towel that’s intuitive to use, easy to wash, and 100% effective at fighting breakouts and other skin conditions. Our simple yet incredibly effective design outperforms products like loofahs and body scrubbers that tend to harbor tons of bacteria on the surface. Easy to clean with just a rinse and hang-dry, GOSHI allows you to access hard-to-reach areas in ways that mimic our body’s natural movements. Are you ready to feel your softest and cleanest ever?

Successfully Funded Kickstarter

GOSHI came to life with the support of Kickstarter and its amazing community. We far surpassed our funding goal and reached an audience beyond our expectations. Watch our campaign video for a great summary of GOSHI’s story and brand.

Goshi selectively sources the finest ingredients

& materials around the world

Goshi selectively sources the finest ingredients & materials around the world

GOSHI Exfoliating Shower Towel is made in the 1,400-year-old textile capital Gunma, Japan, by some of the most experienced textile producers in the world. GOSHI combines the craftsmanship of Japanese textile production with the finest materials to create a balanced exfoliation solution suitable for all skin types—beating out any and all competition, including domestically in Japan.

GOSHI Super Vitamin Body Wash and Body Lotion are manufactured in California using the most nutritious blend of ingredients we could find in nature - including rice protein enzyme and raw algae culture.