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Self-care and Hygiene In-One

GOSHI is the exfoliating shower towel crafted to make you the softest and cleanest you’ll ever feel.


Successfully Funded Kickstarter

GOSHI was brought to life by the support of Kickstarter and its amazing community. We far surpassed our funding goal and reached an audience beyond our expectations. Our campaign video is a great summary of GOSHI's story and brand.

Kickstarter Campaign

A Better Exfoliating Experience

GOSHI is the solution to replace your loofah, scrub brush and even other like-products. GOSHI has a unique and balanced contrast of texture, ensuring a complete clean unlike anything you've experienced before.

Getting The Hard-To-Reach

GOSHI makes it easy to get complete coverage of your body. Other products give you only what’s available with-in reach or are too cumbersome to use with ease. GOSHI keeps it simple, allowing you to clean areas you may have never gotten to before.

GOSHI's Signature Weave

GOSHI's signature rip-resistant weave is made up of two uniquely developed threads. This blend has been specifically formulated to balance exfoliant effectiveness with efficient cleanliness.

The Lathering Thread - Thin, tightly woven threads create a perfect lather for a complete clean

The Exfoliating Thread - Textured threads scrub away dead skin cells to reveal smooth, polished skin.

Made With Care In Japan

GOSHI is made in the 1,400 year old textile capital Gunma, Japan. GOSHI is very carefully and considerately manufactured by what we believe to be some of the best textile producers in the world and they have put a lot of time, resource and energy refining and creating the most up-to-date textile production methods and techniques. With multi-generational experience and background, GOSHI was produced as a balanced exfoliation solution for all skin types and we think we might have got it! :)